A Brooklyn Love Story, Pt. 2


It was real. He kept repeating it. So it had to be true, right? I kept playing back scenes of our day together and had a hard time believing it was only one day. It felt like a lifetime.

I remember his face as I walked out of the bodega to meet up with him that morning. He smiled from ear to ear. A smile like he had won a prize. My heart was skipping beats again. I was nervous, but a feeling of comfort settled my nerves. He was something special.

The start of the day felt easy and unrestricted. It was my last day in New York and I knew I wanted to see the city, but I also wanted to relax a bit. He understood that and told me that all he wanted was to be part of my NY experience. I melted some more. Why was he so perfect? And a gentleman at that. No slick comments about my appearance, no accidental brushes past my ass, nothing. Just a slow-paced intimacy that organically sprung between us.

In my mind, he became my Darius Lovehall without even trying. He created my love jones. He was smooth, confident and gentle. I could feel the passion within him. It was like the magnet that kept pulling me into him despite my better judgement. I couldn’t let this man-- of whom I knew so little and in a city of which I knew even less-- into my world in such a profound way. Or could I? What was the point in holding back if it all felt so right?

I had to pause. Catch my breath and see where my sanity had gone. So I made an excuse to go to away for a bit. He was puzzled but told me he would be waiting for me and would be ready to go hit the town when I was. As I walked away from him, I considered deleting his number and forgetting about him. But I couldn’t. I wanted him. I had to figure out why. So I returned, caught my breath and we headed out to see the city.

To be continued.....