A Brooklyn Love Story, Pt. 3


I’ve always romanticized trains and subways. But in reality, they are anything but romantic. They are dirty. They are loud. The people can be scary. But they are beautiful. The power they hold, the speeds they can reach, the feeling of security one gets when inside, despite all of the ugly. That day the subway ride from Brooklyn to Manhattan was the setting of my love story and the beauty of it was cemented for me.

As the train sped through the underground tunnels leading to our destination, I caught myself staring at him. All I felt was peace with him. His energy was calming. He erased my anxiety when he reached down and held my hand as we rode along. My heart rate sped up again as he leaned over and kissed me. It was subtle, quick and sweet. Just enough for the moment.

I decided in that moment that I was completely open to whatever would happen from that point on. I was going to stop over analyzing the situation, let go and enjoy. I felt his hand on my thigh then. My body trembled at the unexpected, yet comfortable sensation of his hand shifting the fabric of my dress. I wanted to scrap the whole Times Square idea and go back to Brooklyn. But I just calmed myself down and shifted my focus back to the ride.

I didn’t have much time left until I had to catch my flight back home, and all I wanted was to be close to him. I kept glancing at my phone and calculating the time it would take us to see the city and go back to his place. I didn’t want to seem too eager or assume that he was feeling the same as I was, so I tried to immerse myself in the sights.

Manhattan was a blur because I was so focused on him. I wanted to abandon our tourist mission and explore one another. As I began to drive myself crazy wondering if he felt the same, he stopped and we made eye contact. No words were needed because the energy was palpable. Everything else around me faded and I allowed myself to be enveloped in his presence. He kissed me again, but with more urgency than before….

It was a wrap from there. I knew that the tour was over and we needed to get back to Brooklyn ASAP….but we had taken the subway to the city and would likely take it back...all the beauty of the subway was then masked by the inconvenience of it…

To be continued…..