A Brooklyn Love Story

Flexing my creative muscles in a different way today. Enjoy this short story inspired by my Brooklyn experience. 


Part One

I saw him walking with two excited little boys, I was a little anxious myself as I turned the corner but seeing them brought me comfort for some reason. He’s the kind of guy that makes my heart race. Milk chocolate skin. Tattoos. A close cut Ceaser with perfect waves. Not too much bling, just a single chain around his neck. Then he looked and smiled at me. My heart melted a little...and then he said “I love you…” Wait, what?!

This one stopped me in my tracks. Initially I just shook my head thinking, “umm-hmm, so this is how New York guys spit game, huh?” But then we made eye contact again, next thing I knew I was drifting toward him and we were having a conversation. There was a silent strength in the way he stood there in front of me, the way he smiled at me, the way he asked the get to know you type questions. I was intrigued. So we exchanged numbers. To be continued...

I almost never saw him again because of misfortune with technology, but we managed to connect again on my last day in the city. It was a beautiful one. It was a blur of subways, rain, breeze and intimacy. We held hands through Times Square. We kissed in Brooklyn. We made love to the sound of rainfall and promised to stay in touch and see one another again.

I wonder if I would ruin the beauty of my Brooklyn love story by keeping it going. He was just what I needed in that moment. But is he a distraction now? Or am I a distraction to him. The sound of his voice gives me chills, but is that because I know that he’s so far away? What we experienced felt beautiful, but did I create that in my mind or was it real?

To be continued......