21 Day Glow-Up Challenge: Let's Get Our Minds Right, Booties Tight and Curls Poppin

The goal is to always feel like I did right here, carefree, high energy and fabulous!

The goal is to always feel like I did right here, carefree, high energy and fabulous!

As you may know, my birthday just passed, can you guess how old I am?  On any given day I may look my age, 29 and other days I get mistaken for a teenager. While it can be a bit annoying having my ID ran through every security scan, flash light examination or any other validity tests, I’m truly grateful for my genetics keeping my youthful appearance in tact. However, if I’m being honest, my body doesn’t always feel so youthful.

The effects of not taking care of myself are starting to wear me down and I know that I have to act quickly to get a solid foundation before I enter my 30s.  In my time of reflection, I also realize that I have spent much of my adult life making promises to myself to execute ideas, only to let them seemingly die off in notebooks. Well not anymore…

If you’ve connected with me on social then you know I’ve been on a self-love, healing and rebuilding journey over the past year after a few major changes in my relationship and employment status. It’s been fun, but it’s also forced me to be accountable and lit a fire in me to act on my dreams.

With that being said, on April 8th, I’m launching my first challenge since re-branding: 21 Day Glow-Up: Mind Right, Booty Tight, Curls Poppin. I’ve been playing with the idea for a while, but now I’m taking the leap. I’ll be sending out weekly reminders via email and will post daily updates on my Instagram. Be sure to sign up to get the full challenge breakdown as well as a cheat sheet that you can save to your phone or even print to stay on track!

You Ready?

I truly hope you say yes because my glow-up is non-negotiable, honey, and I want to bring you along with me! I’ll be posting daily updates to my IG stories and you can do the same! Be sure to use my hashtags so I can see your posts! #keishamarieco #glowupchallenge #getrightgettightgetpoppin

Issa Birthday Brunch with Elevate Fashion & Lifestyle Boutique

This is 29 AKA TwentyFine #thelastblush

This is 29 AKA TwentyFine #thelastblush

This past Sunday, March 24th, I celebrated my 29th birthday with my closest friends and family at Elevate Fashion & Lifestyle Boutique. The owner of Elevate, Hermon Alem, graciously agreed to a multi-part collaboration with myself and business partner, Charlie B, and my birthday brunch was the final part of the collab. It was an amazing day to say the least.

Elevate Fashion & Lifestyle is a boutique in Aurora, Colorado. Hermon, the owner, has a keen eye for selecting pieces that are not only fashion forward, but well fitting, unique and budget friendly! I found my entire birthday outfit at the boutique with the exception of shoes and mini skirt that I wore under my dress. I can’t think of a time that I’ve felt more comfortable and beautiful! I was thrilled when my friends came and joined me to celebrate my life and the icing on the cake was them being able to shop and find amazing pieces for themselves.

The decor was all courtesy of Charlie and it was a perfect compliment to the chic environment Hermon has created in her store. We served mimosas, pastries and chicken for a midday brunch celebration that made my little heart smile.


The theme was “The Last Blush” because honey, ain’t no blushing in your 30s (hahaha, jk). But honestly, I chose that phrase because it just felt fitting for where I am in my life. I am taking this last year of my 20s to quit playing it small, quit being nice when and quit blushing opportunities away because of excessive humility (yes I believe that is a thing!)

It’s rare to find people who can meet you where you are at and grow with you. I’m so grateful to have found a few myself, especially Charlie. Over the past year that our friendship has blossomed and despite a few hiccups, she has consistently been my right hand through personal issues and business ventures. My birthday brunch was an epic example of not only our friendship, but more noteworthy, her skill at making things beautiful!

Sip, Shop and Brunch

We kicked off the brunch with a “Sip & Shop” where everyone had an opportunity to grab their mimosas and peruse the store. Solange was playing in the background and the energy was perfect. Everyone came in dressed to impress, enjoyed the vibes and had a great time! See the gallery below for photos of the day and be sure to stay connected with Elevate to upgrade your wardrobe and hit up Charlie for your photography and event design needs.

My Creative Sisterhood: Kristina Spicer of The Other Side

 Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole made it in a world of “Migos”. So that honestly gives me hope. They stayed true to their brand and were able to spread their authentic stories to the world. The type of inspirational, authentic content that I create is what I used to desire. I know I can’t be the only one out there who wants to see this, and that’s what I always tell myself.

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Mommy Moves on Melanin Voices Podcast + The Art of Networking Across

When Mariah text me and invited me to be a guest on Melanin Voices podcast, Mommy Moves episode, it was a no-brainer! I was honored and excited! It was also my first podcast appearance *insert twerk emoji* I’m a faithful listener myself and started bragging to everyone who would listen after I told her that I was in! We recorded at Pat & Annie, this super cute boutique/studio in Aurora and had such a good time doing it! Look out for more collaborations from us in the future, but for now…..Go watch and listen to this episode!

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3 Ways I Create My Own Sunshine...and So Can You!

I almost stopped writing this post because I couldn’t think of an opening sentence. In one of my last Instagram posts I spoke about what I refer to as the "dark place." It usually looks like a cycle of negative thinking, feeling sad or low, being discouraged. Just feeling bad overall.  I’ve spent hours overthinking myself into inaction. I’ve lost relationships over fear of confrontation or being embarrassed in a conversation.

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