about keisha marie, co.

Photo credit: Charmaine Billingsley (Photos by Charlie B.)

Photo credit: Charmaine Billingsley (Photos by Charlie B.)

who is keisha marie?

Hey hey! I'm Keisha Marie, a Denver-native and based millennial mama of two (aka the president of #toddlertown). I am an OG naturalista (est. 2010) who won't yell at you if you love your blow-outs and as you can see I’m a fun natural who is not afraid of color and cuts!

To summarize myself: I am lover of connections, creativity and community.

I create digital content for myself and others and also pour my heart out in writing that I'm too chicken to share.  

motherhood. lifestyle. self care.

This is my world, anchored by motherhood and a journey to take better care of myself. For me this means making a daily choice to create. Create a life that I love by means of the work that I love. I envision for myself and my children. I invite you to join me on that experience through my work here and on my social media platforms (Instagram and IGTV, Facebook, Twitter). I’ve also aided in content creation and curation for brands that cater to mothers and creatives.

what to expect here?

My honest take on life as a newly single, mother of two and as a new entrepreneur/freelancer.

A peek at how I am designing a life that my children and I love.

A few tutorials, videos, etc about how we tame our manes, style these bodies, and take care of ourselves.

brands I’ve worked for and with…